1972-73 Delcambre High School

From Mr. Delma Meaux, Jr. – Working with the Yearbook Staff on our school annual was a most rewarding experience.  This year’s activities, as presented in this Yearbook publication, will be cherished by all of us in the years to come.  I am indeed grateful to have been associated with this wonderful Yearbook Staff group.

Delcambre High School Yearbook Staff

The Delcambre High School Yearbooks represent a time-honored tradition.  Every year, the students eagerly wait their school’s yearbook rlease to see how they have been immortalized amoung it’s pages.  Mr. Meaux has been the Delcambre High School Yearbook advisor for years.   He says that creating a great yearbook does not happen by chance, it is the result of meticulous planning and the hard work of a dedicated Yearbook Staff.

The photography Yearbook editor’s main task was to ensure the spirit and character of Delcambre High School and the students were all presented equally in the annual yearbook.  We feel Mr. Meaux and his 72-73 Yearbook Staff did an awesome job in this area.

Meet the Yearbook Staff Group:

Editor – Delma Meaux

Co-Editors – Rita Broussard and James Kenner

Junior Representatives – Catherine Landry, Theresa Suire and Douglas Primeaux

Sophmore Representatives – Cindy LeBlanc, Mary Nell Meaux and Sonya Pullin

Freshman Representatives – Nancy Viator, David Meaux and Josie DeRouen

Elementary Representatives – Angela Harrington

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