40 Year Class Reunion

40Th Class Reunion
Delcambre High School Alumni Class of 1973

Class of '73 - 40th Reunion 9-29-13 thru 10-4-13 839

 Kneeling: Andrea Broussard, Sandy Delcambre, Evelyn Richard, Ellen Falgout & Berle Pullin
Second Row: Sharon Comeaux, Lena Dore, Denette Viator, Janet Armentor, Martha Hebert
Standing: Sammy Delcambre, Mark Landry, Ann Derise, David LeBlanc, Jocelyn Falgout, Charlene Bourque, Sandra Lopez, Rachael Broussard, Dale Babineaux, Susan Picard, Wayne Landry, Ricky Segura & Chris Mayard

Class pic for Tea

 Class Picture for the Tea (Above)

(Kneeling) Janet Armentor, Andrea Broussard, Denette Viator, Charlene Bourque, Sandy Delcambre, Evelyn Richard

(Standing) Mark Landry, Ellen Falgout, Martha Hebert, Ricky Segura, Rachael Broussard, Sharon Comeaux, Wayne Landry, Susan Picard, Dale Babineaux, Jocelyn Falgout, David LeBlanc and Sammy Delcambre.


 Teena LeBlanc and her driver, Stacy T-Mom Trim.
We were honored that Teena felt well enough to ride in the parade with the class.  Thanks to Ellen Falgout for making this possible with her Golf Cart and to Stacy for taking the time to bring Teena.  We Love You Teena!

HC Graphic

Calendar of Events

Decorate Float:            Sunday, September 29, 2013 1:oopm at Andrea Broussards House
Decorate Float:            Wednesday, October 2, 2013  4:00pm at Andrea Broussards House – Will order Pizza
Decorate Float:            Thursday, October 3, 2013   11:00am at Andrea Broussards House

October 3, 2013

Homecoming Parade begins at 5:30pm
Meet at Andrea’s house between 4:15pm and 4:45pm.  Float will move to parade route at 4:45pm sharp.

BonFire at the Shrimp Festival Parade begins at approx 6:00pm
Homecoming Parade will end at the BonFire location.  Short Pep Rally

Float Ride through town approx 6:45pm to 9:00pm
Everyone just stays on the float and enjoys riding through town.  Lots of singing, laughing and good times.

Gumbo at Denette Viator & Jim Wiggins Camp on Bayou Carlin at 9:30pm
Chris Mayard cooked a chicken and sausage gumbo for everyone to eat.  Lena Dore and Ellen Falgout each made their signature potato salad.  (Which potato salad do you think was best???)

October 4, 2013

Open House at Delcambre High School 9am to 11am

Lunch at Cafe Jefferson – 11:15am

Pep Rally at Delcambre High School – Meet at the gate 1:45pm

Tea at Delcambre High School – 5pm

Football Game at Delcambre High School – 7pm

Alumni Dance given by Class of 2003 – 9pm

HomeComing Parade

Class of '73 - 40th Reunion 9-29-13 thru 10-4-13 547

We’ve Boarded!

We’ve boarded and we are ready to head toward the parade route behind “Class of 1963” float. All floats were lined up in front of our Delcambre High School on Main Street.  Murray Landry was our driver; thank you Murray!

But Wait!!!  Where’s Ann Derise???  She is missing.

class 73 parade

We’ve Boarded!

We’re waiting for the Delcambre High Homecoming parade to begin! Lots of refreshments on the float to keep us happy!

A Video Clip of us Partying on the Float

Ann Derise finally found us down the parade route!  Better late than Never!

Check out Berle Pullin… Singing “Born to Be Wild“.

Coach Darcy Delcambre was with his Football players and he joined us later that night!

Dale Babineaux…  Did something happen to your glasses during the parade ride?


Ellen Falgout & Evelyn Richard

 You Guys Got It!!!  In most high school classes, there is usually SOME type of talent within their group, but surely not as much as DHS Class of 1973.  Berle Pullin is not the only one who can sing, so can Ellen & Evelyn.  And guess what..  Even the ones in our class who could NOT sing, even sang!  We believe in FAKING it until you MAKE IT!

Hear Ellen sing some of her specialties – just click on the links and watch her in action below.

Ellen Sings – We Will Rock You

Ellen Sings – You Aint Woman Enough To Take my Man – DARCY

Ellen’s Got the Mic Again at the BonFire   Two Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits, A Dollar!

Class of '73 - 40th Reunion 9-29-13 thru 10-4-13 024

Lena Dore

 Are those teeth for Real???  Who would dare kiss her???  Well somebody did!

I hear rumors that Mark Landry was a good sport and actually kissed Lena and her beautiful teeth!  Maybe there is evidence of this, well only time will tell.


Sandra Lopez giving Wayne Landry Singing Lessons!

Who says Wayne is a quiet person???  Add a little beer, good company and a singing teacher who INSISTS he must sing…  Wayne out does himself!  The new George Jones was created that night.  It was good seeing you let your hair down!

Wayne Landry and Dale Babineaux, I bet you didn’t know you could sing like that!!!  It’s amazing what you do when you are under pressure and someone shoves a mic under your chin and demands that you SING! ROFL  You did it GOOD!

Class of '73 - 40th Reunion 9-29-13 thru 10-4-13 617

Andrea Broussard & Sharon Comeaux

Our 1973  Class Queen Andrea Broussard and Sharon Kay Comeaux with their glamour Orange n Black Blinky Dread Lock Hair.    They Bleed Panther Spirit!

Most classes want to be like Class of 1973, but they can’t.  Do you know why???  Because they just don’t have the talent to have fun.  It’s just plain and simple.  Class of 1973 ROCKS!!!


Darcy Delcambre – Slapped Shut!

What happened to Coach Darcy?  One second he is decorating the float with the rest of the class and the next second he is SLAPPED SHUT!

There is more going on that  meets the eye!  Darcy’s hair not only grew longer, it turned orange and it blinks!
Watch this.

DHS Homecoming Bon Fire – 2013

Classes for 1933, 1943, 1953, 1963, 1973, 1983, 1993 and 2003 were honored this year at the Delcambre High School Homecoming festivities.

Ms. July Brousssard, the only member attending the home coming festivities represented her class of 1933.  This was her 80th class reunion!  Not only did she attend the bonfire, she also rode in the homecoming parade.  We can only hope to reach the age of 80 years old.

Class of '73 - 40th Reunion 9-29-13 thru 10-4-13 841

Go Rachael Broussard!

  Slippin and a Slidin……  Or is she surfing????

Whatever she’s doing, it looks like she’s having a good time and Rachael never lets anything SLIDE when fun is involved.  Check out our other Class Reunion Pictures…  Rachael’s  in there doing something hysterical.  Rachael you ROCK!

Watch Some Video Clips of the Bon Fire Below

We just arrived at the Bon Fire

More at the Bon Fire

Ellen Falgout Leads us for a CheerTwo Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits, A Dollar



At Denette & Jims Beautiful Camp

At Denette Viator & Jim Wiggins camp on Bayou Carlin.  What a great time was had by all.  We rode our home-made Class of 1973 Alumni float through town till approximately 9pm.

Attention was pointed to our float throughout the town by someone constantly being on the microphone and our loud fast and furious music!  People flocked from their homes and from their patios, just to be part of our DHS Class of 73 Float Party.  We stopped every now and then to allow a few to participate; then off again!

“Look at US!  Class of 1973 was heard throughout the streets of Delcambre, La.

There was a lot of dancing, singing and laughing going on, but we sure did work up an appetite!

Our bad boy, Chris Mayard, thought ahead and came to our rescue!  Chicken and sausage gumbo was waiting for us at our next stop, THANK YOU CHRIS!  And there was lots of it too!!!  Ellen Falgout and Lena Dore each made their signature potato salad and Susan Picard brought the traditional french bread.  Thank you!!!!!

Class of '73 - 40th Reunion 9-29-13 thru 10-4-13 058-1

 Attended but Not Present in Picture, Dale Babineaux and Scott Landry

Close & Dear To Our Hearts – Our Classmates also being Honored – In Memory
Peter Broussard, Rocky Galtier, Lynette Viator & Mark Viator

KNEELING:  Sandy Delcambre, Ann Derise, Martha Hebert, David Leblanc
SECOND ROW:  Ricky Segura, Denette Viator, Ellen Falgout, Janet Armentor, Sandra Lopez, Charlene Bourque, Sammy Delcambre
STANDING – BACK ROW:  Chris Mayard, Rachael Broussard, Wayne Landry, Lena Dore, Sharon Comeaux, Andrea Falgout, Evelyn Richard, Jocelyn Falgout, Susan Picard, Berle Pullin, Darcy Delcambre

50/50 Game Winners

Joseph Marquardt (Sandra Lopez’s Husband) Won $100
Martha Hebert Won $75
Susan Picard Won $32.50

The 50/50 Game has turned out to be a very popular game for the DHS Class of 73 classmates.  It’s the way we fund our class account and an no one pays any dues!

We changed things up a little this year; this year we had 3 winners instead of just one winner who won the whole thing.

50/50 Winners!

1st Joseph Marquardt (Sandra Lopez Husband) $100
2nd Martha Hebert  $75
3rd Susan Picard  $32.50



Class of '73 - 40th Reunion 9-29-13 thru 10-4-13 055

WINNER #1 – Murray Landry (our float driver) pulled the first winning number #665.  Sandra Lopez had the winning number, but notice in the video who cashed the ticket in!!!!  $100 goes to Joseph Marquardt.

WINNER #2 – Richard Anderson (Martha Hebert’s husband) was our second guest who pulled the winning number #935..  There must have been some type of self-dealing going on, because he pulled his wife’s ticket!  $75 goes to Martha Hebert

WINNER #3 – Joseph Marquardt was our third guest who pulled the winner number #877.  Susan Picard had the winning ticket and she won $32.50.

Watch some Video Clips of our Class Dinner

Aint Nothin Like the Real Thing Baby!

Sandra Lopez inforces – The Class Needs More Money!

Class Luncheon at Cafe Jefferson In Jefferson Island
Table #1

cafe jeff2

The class gathered for our luncheon at Cafe Jefferson in Jefferson Island, La.  Thank You Denette Viator for coordinating this event for us and making it a success!  The class was surprised this year with 4 classmates!  Dale Babineaux, Martha Hebert, Delma Meaux and Beverly Guidry.  You guys look great!

SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT – Dale Babineaux, Marsha Babineaux (Dales Wife), Denette Viator, Richard Anderson (Martha’s Husband), Beverly Guidry, Ellen Falgout, Rachael Broussard, Delma Meaux, Andrea Falgout, Sammy Delcambre and Sandy Delcambre.

Class Luncheon at Cafe Jefferson In Jefferson Island
Table #2

cafe jeff

SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT – Susan Picard, Wayne Landry, Ricky Segura, Janet Armentor, Sandra Lopez, Jocelyn Falgout, Charlene Bourque, David LeBlanc, Sharon Comeaux and Evelyn Richard.

Looking at the table, it looks like all the alcholics were sitting on the other end of the table!  Those bloody mary’s were fabulous!

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thankyou_01 (1)sandy

Sandy Delcambre Migues

Special THANK YOU To Sandy Delcambre (Class Treasurer) for being the GLUE that keeps our class together.  

You are the coordinator each and every year!  You never forget! We appreciate you Sandy; without you we probably would not have the good times our class shares each year.  

Thank you for all you do.  Love you Bunches!

BIG BIG Thank you  Jocelyn Falgout for

  1. The many hours of planning and creating all of our float decorations.  Our float would have never won first prize without your creativity and the time you put into making it such a success.
  2. Decorating the Truck, The Golf Cart for Teena to be able to participate and decorating the camp for our special evert.
  3. Moderating our Delcambre Class of 73 Facebook FanPage.
  4. Working on the Shirt and Coozie project.
  5. Taking and coordinating our Class Pictures each year.

BIG BIG Thank you Chris Mayard for

  1. Providing us with your trailer for the float.
  2. Making the succulent chicken and sausage gumbo.
  3. Building the back board of the float and securing it properly.
  4. Providing the speaker and coordinating the electrical system on the float.
  5. Managing the half and half game for the class.
  6. Working with Sandra Lopez in selecting music for the homecoming float ride AND music for the Reunion Dinner.

Thank you Denette Viator for

  1. Opening up your fabulous camp on Bayou Carlin to our class; what a great place for our class to enjoy our class reunion.
  2. Coordinating our lunch at Cafe Jefferson.
  3. Providing the cold drinks for our Class Dinner.
  4. Providing the bowls & spoons for our Class Dinner.

Thank you  Sammy Delcambre for providing the truck to pull our class float and the electrical system.

Thank you  Ellen Falgout for providing the “Grand Marshall” golf cart for Teena to be part of our class celebration and making potato salad.

Thank you  Andrea Falgout for

  1. Providing us a place to decorate our float.
  2. Providing our classmates with finger foods to a couple of our functions.
  3. Providing a fig cake and your delicious Brownies for the Class Dinner.
  4. Working on the Shirt and Coozie project.

Thank you  Charlene Bourque for

  1. Coordinating the menu for the Class Reunion Dinner.
  2. Helping Jocelyn decorate at the camp for our Class Reunion Dinner.
  3. Editing and moderating our Delcambre Class of 73 pictures on Flickr.
  4. Providing the Orange and Black Cake balls for the Class Dinner.

Thank you  Sandra Lopez for

  1. Working with Chris Mayard and providing the Music for the Float ride and the Class Reunion Dinner
  2. Updating our Delcambre High Class of 73 website with announcements and reunion updates.
  3. Moderating our Delcambre Class of 73 Facebook FanPage.
  4. Creating Videos for our DHS Class of 73 youtube channel.
  5. Uploading our Delcambre Class of 73 pictures on Flickr.

Thank you  Lena Dore for providing potato salad for our Class reunion Dinner.

Thank you  Darcy Delcambre for providing our DHS Class of 1973 cake.

Thank you  Martha Hebert for providing the FINGER LICKING pralines.

Thank you  Ricky Segura for providing the delicious bundt cake.

Thank you  Susan Picard for providing the traditional French Bread.

Thank you Murray Landry, Class of 1974, for being an outstanding driver for our float.  You Rock.

Thank you Scott Landry for having our Back Board BRACKET made for our float.


In Memory of our Special Classmates
Who left us Way Too Soon

Class of '73 - 40th Reunion 9-29-13 thru 10-4-13 391

Peter Broussard, Rocky Galtier, Lynette Viator and Mark Viator 

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