38 Year ReUnion Dinner


DHS Class of 1973 reunion

DHS Class of 1973 Reunion

With our  Orange N Black Jello Shots!

Kneeling(L-R)  Denette Viator, Andrea Broussard, Sandra Delcambre, Darcy Delcambre
Standing Row 1 (L-R):
Charlene Hebert, Janet Armentor, Lena Dore, Evelyn Richard, Sammy Delcambre
Standing Row 2 (L-R):  Ricky Segura, Sandra Lopez, Jocelyn Falgout, Berle Pullin Chris Mayard

38th Class Reunion – 2011


Our 2011 Class Reunion Dinner was a lot of fun; Denette and Jim Wiggins were good enough to offer their beautiful camp  and prepare the gumbo for us.  Thanks Denette and Jim for being so generous!

Several people contributed and brought finger foods, deserts and trimmings for the gumbo.  Here we are, pictured above with our orange and black Jelly Shots that Sandra Delcambre bought for us from Skip-N-Rias in Erath.  I think some of us had more than one!

What a nice night this was….

We visited with everyone, drank a few drinks and played Chris Mayard’s famous 50/50 Drawing Game.  Everyone bought tickets; in fact the more tickets we bought, the more money was in the kitty to win!    We sold $196.00 worth of tickets.  The Class Treasury kept $98.00 and Evelyn Won $98.00.

“50/50 Drawing”

Winner Was Evelyn Richard!

We’ve played this game in 2010 and again this year!  The way this game works, is everyone buys $5.00 worth of tickets at a time; you are not limited to how many times you buy $5.00 worth.   You keep one half of the ticket and the other half of the ticket goes into the bowl.

Then when it’s time to play,  Chris mixes up the tickets and someone pulls from the bowl.  This year Sandra Lopez pulled Evelyn’s winning ticket!

As you can tell from below… Evelyn is not taking ANY chances!  She WANTS HER MONEY NOW!   Sandy is counting the other half of the money to make sure Evelyn didn’t take any of it!  The other half belongs to our Class Treasury and Sandy must make sure she’s got all that is coming to us!

DSC_0091Sandra Delcambre picking up the Class Treasury Funds from the 50/50 game








































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Contents of Class Email From Sandy Delcambre:

This is our Class Email Sandy Sent Out.  She is such a good organizer of our Class Functions.  Thank you Sandy for all that you do.  If it were not fcr you, we probably would not come so far with our yearly gatherings.

Those who are attending:

Denette & Jim

Sandy & Benny

Sandra & Joe

Lena & John

Ann & Doyle (maybe)


Janet & Darryl

Chris & Christine


Charlene & Neil

Darcy & Fran


Andrea & Randall

Scott & Nina (maybe)

Ricky & Kathie

Michael & Rhonda (maybe)




Berle & Julia



Delma Meaux (still in Korea)

James Kenner (working on an installation project)

David LeBlanc (in Arkansas)

Martha & Richard (has other commitments)


Items offered to be provided:

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo – Denette & Jim

Potato salad (plain), salsa dip & chips – Charlene & Neil

Potato salad (loaded) – Ann & Doyle (even though they might not attend)

French bread – Chris & Christine

Rice – Janet & Darryl

Vegetable tray w/ranch dip – Sharon

Fruit tray – Sandra & Joe

Rotel dip/chips, peanuts, & mints – Sandy & Benny

Dip & chips – Evelyn

Dessert (chocolate cake) – Lena & John

Dessert (brownies and honey bun cake) – Andrea & Randall

Gumbo Bowls – Class already has 30 – Scott & Nina (Sandy will bring if they don’t attend)

Small plastic bowls (for potato salad) – Ricky & Kathie

Small plates (for desserts) – Class already has 50 orange/black

Large plastic cups – Class already has 50 orange/black

Paper towels & small plastic cups – Rachael

Napkins – Class already has 50 orange/black

Plastic spoons/forks – Class already has 48 of each

Large plates – Class already has 50

Ice chest filled with ice – Sammy

Decorations & photographer – Jocelyn


REMINDER:  Everyone needs to bring their own soft drinks/alcoholic drinks. Dress is casual (orange and black is optional).

REMINDER:  Bring a little extra cash to play the half-and-half ticket game.



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