10 Year Reunion

10th Year Class Reunion

Sorry for the blurry picture, but it’s all we have!  If you have a better or more focused picture, please send us a digital copy!

First Row Kneeling (L-R): Teena LeBlanc, Evelyn Richard, Ellen Falgout, Wanda Moss, Andrea Broussard, Janet Armentor, Denette Viator, Sharon Comeaux, & Sandra Delcambre

Second Row Kneeling (L-R): Dorothy Broussard & Charlene Bourque

Third Row Standing (L-R): Jocelyn Falgout, Susan Picard, Sherry Derouen, Linda Dore, Vicki Galtier, Carolyn Hebert, Cynthia Lancon, Sandra Lopez, Rita Broussard, Berle Pullin, Darcy Delcambre, Wayne Landry, & David LeBlanc

Fourth Row Standing (L-R): Nathan Derouen, Dale Babineaux, Sammy Delcambre, Ricky Segura, Andrew Broussard, Thomas Whittle, & Michael Babin

About the Reunion

Our 10th year class reunion was a week of fun activities which consisted of building the float, riding it in the Delcambre High School 1983 homecoming parade, the homecoming game, eating dinner together, and finally a barbeque held at Duane Saunier’s parents’ camp on Saturday which included a volleyball game.

  • Building the Float – We began building the float a week before the homecoming parade at Denette Viator’s house in Delcambre.  We met several times before we could get our float just right; we obviously needed more practice since all we could come up with was a large football on the back of the float as our masterpiece!
  • Riding in the Parade – Several classmates road on the float, and the ride was a lot of fun.
  • Homecoming Game – Many classmates made it to game, and we all sat together with other alumni classes at Delcambre High School.
  • Dinner in Abbeville – We had a very nice alumni dinner at Old South Restaurant in Abbeville right after the football game on Friday night.  Several classmates attended, and we all had a good time.
  • BBQ – Saturday afternoon was full of activities at Duane Saunier’s parents’ camp.  Several male classmates BBQ’d while others played volleyball; several classmates and guests were also just spectators.

We’ve posted pictures of our 10th year class reunion in our DHS Picture Repository.  Just click on the link in the right column to enjoy seeing all the pictures we took.  If you currently have pictures of this class reunion, please consider sending  us a digital copy so we can include it with the rest of our class pictures.  We welcome your pictures!

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