Delcambre High School Block Scheduling

Delcambre High School Block Scheduling

Delcambre High School is committed to providing our students with quality instruction and a variety of educational opportunities. Delcambre High School sincerely believes that the 4 X 4 block schedule benefits our students by accomplishing these goals.

A high school student’s report card is issued every 41/2 weeks rather than every six weeks. A semester is divided into four 41/2 week grading periods. Students complete their first four courses in the 18 week fall semester and complete their second four courses in the 18 week spring semester, giving them the opportunity to earn up to eight Carnegie units of credit per year.

Since the high school 1998-99 school year, Iberia Parish high schools have operated under a 4 X 4 block scheduling model. For these schools, the school year is divided into a fall semester and a spring semester, each consisting of 18 weeks. A half unit course is 9 weeks in duration and is considered a term. Students at high school are enrolled in four courses per semester, totaling eight courses for the school year. Each class period is 90 minutes in length.

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