Delcambre High Computer Literacy/ Computer Science

Delcambre High Computer Literacy/ Computer Science

Delcambre High Academies can potentially prepare them to fulfill requirements for a university or a technical college program. As students acquire work-related skills and knowledge, they can receive industry recognized certifications. Students who choose to go from Delcambre High to work leave the academy with employable skills.

The computer programs at Delcambre High and Westgate High School have expanded beyond the theoretical, to include the teaching of marketable skills. To align with state-mandated career paths, academies are being implemented, and technology curricula organized into clusters that are either hardware or software oriented.

Consequently, the guidelines and the associated performance indicators are integrated in all aspects of the curriculum and not taught in isolation. The focus for Delcambre High is on learning with information and technology rather than learning about technology.

Delcambre High Computer literacy/science courses are available at the middle and high school levels. However, the goal of the parish is to align the Louisiana Technology Guidelines with foundation skills integrated across all content areas.

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