Lost & Found

Lost & Found

No matter how hard anyone tries, there is always a list of classmates whose location is a mystery! It’s really no one’s fault; it’s just called life!  No one thinks about letting their high school class representatives know when they move!

Below is a list of those alumni classmates who have not responded to our mailings, emails or flyers.  If you know where these classmates  are, or if YOU are on the list, PLEASE let us know how to reach them/you by sending us an email on our  “Contact Us” page.

Even if you’re not on our Delcambre High School Alumni Class of 73  list below, we would appreciate a note confirming your mailing address and your e-mail address.  We would like to keep up-to-date information on all our Alumni Classmates.

We hope to keep in touch with everyone through our Class Facebook Fan Page.  You can get connected there with several classmates.  Check it out!

Nathan Derouen

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