In Memory

In Memory

Those Dear to our Hearts – They Left Too Soon!


God took your hand and we had to part.  He eased your pain, but broke our heart.  If you could have spoken before you died, these are the words you would have replied:

“This life for me has truly passed.  I’ve loved you all till the very last.  Weep not for me, but courage take.  Love one another for heaven’s sake.”

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We were together from the time we were about 6 years old until we were about 17 or 18 years old.    Some of the happiest moments of our lives have been the few which we passed at Delcambre High School…

Peter Broussard-2

Peter Lawrence Broussard

Born February 18, 1954; Died July 4th, 1991

Born November 27, 1954; Died April 17th, 1993

More Information about Lynette Viator

Born April 1, 1954 – Died:  January 2, 2010

Mark Viator 2

Mark Viator Obituary
Wife of 29 years:  Lorna Simon Viator; son, Jason Viator


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